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Faithfulness, the Fuel for Your Ministry


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There is nothing like being in an atmosphere surrounded by dozens of people all striving after the ultimate goal of bringing glory to God! And having a full-time job in which I get to spend everyday working towards the Great Commission is almost too good to be true! But if I am honest, it is also not as glamorous as it may seem.  There are many different monotonous daily tasks that take up the majority of what we call ministry.  There are some amazing times in which we get to invest into the lives of missions participants from all around the country, but then we go back to the office and make sure there is proper follow-up and documentation on it, and start to prepare for the next meeting. Like most people, I feel the most used by God during the times when I can see the fruit, but lately God is showing me that fruit of a ministry grows with constant attention, care and pruning.  He is teaching me, again, to be faithful with the little things in all areas of my life. This is a season that I have been through many times, and though I may have thought I had learned it, He is showing me more and more how important those small things are.

Luke is very specific about how God is calling us to be faithful in every area of our lives, (Luke 16:10, 12; 19:17, etc.). This doesn’t only mean in our times of devotion with God, but this means that we are faithful with those mundane aspects of work, school, and dare I say, even while driving down the road. This is often a very hard thing to do and takes a lot of determination and self-control, which again, I thought I was pretty good at until God started showing me all these little things.

For a period of time within the past year I was getting to a point that bordered on legalism with these little things and that scared me.  I don’t ever want to be like the Pharisees who were so concerned about the rules that they completely looked past the relationship.  God calls us to do certain things, and he calls us to do every one of those things as if unto Him.  I strive to do everything with excellence, but I have been constantly reminded lately, that doing these tasks with excellence needs to be kept in perspective with my relationships. The verse that has stayed in the forefront of my mind for the last 4-5 months has been Psalms 37:4.  It says, ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart’!  What a fantastic verse!  Not only is it a promise from God that we can hold on to, but have you ever concentrated on ‘delighting in the Lord’?  It has changed my daily life so much.  Simply shifting the focus from what God has given, or taken away, to who God is and all the endless ways that we can delight in Him is bound to change us.

I get to see so many ways in which God’s hands move in my daily life, but it hasn’t been until I focused on delighting in Him that I truly found so much satisfaction in the details.  No matter my mood, no matter my circumstance, when I delight in the Lord, everything seems to work out and it seems to lift me up in the process!  So, I encourage you to join with me in this process.  That we may be faithful in doing the little things with excellence every day of our lives, and in doing so, delight ourselves in the Lord and all He is to us.

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