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New Missions Courses For Anyone and Everyone


Written by Matt Schmitt

We are excited to release 4 new Enrichment Courses to prepare you for a lifetime of global impact. Our first courses, The Plan and How to Hear the Voice of God, were designed to help you better understand your calling. With these new courses, we hope to equip you with the tools you need to better execute that calling. Whether you plan on being a long-term missionary, being involved in short-term missions, or being a prayer warrior for unreached peoples, BGU has a free course designed just for you.

Missions 101 – What to Know Before You Go

If you feel called to be a long-term missionary, this is where you should start. In this course, Steve Eliason, the Missionary Preparation Coordinator for Bethany Gateways (our missions agency) breaks down what every missionary should know before heading to the field. By breaking down topics like worldview, teamwork, and types of ministry, this course provides a great broad overview of what to expect during your first few years as a missionary. Steve also dives into what makes a missionary successful by looking at the Moravians, one of history’s greatest examples of missionaries.

The Power of Prayer in Missions

Don’t feel called to the mission field? There is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of ways to be involved with the Great Commission that don’t involve going overseas. By far the easiest way is this the one most overlooked: prayer. In the past, prayer has been the ignition switch for some of the greatest missions movements. Today, prayer houses are being established across the globe and intersession is happening like never before. Eric Simmons, the director of the Furnace Prayer Room spends time teaching how to pray, the types of prayer, and gives examples of answered prayers. This course is designed to empower your prayer life as you intercede for the nations.

 Maximized Mission Trips

Whether you are leading or participating in a short-term mission trip, we have a course just for you. There are 2 different versions of this course. One for leaders and one for goers. Both of these are taught by Kenneth Ortiz, the Director of Short-Term Missions for Bethany Gateways. Having lead dozens of trips, he imparts his knowledge on making a short-term trip effective. For leaders, he provides a checklist of items to makes sure that both those going on the trip and those being served are impacted for Christ. For goers, Kenny teaches skills like how to share a testimony, how to use a translator, and what to do when you get back home.

Getting Started

All of these courses are absolutely free for you to take. That’s right, free. The only thing between you and making a greater impact for Christ is a couple of clicks. So, if you are ready to begin your journey into the world of missions, sign up for a course here.

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