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From the SRC: Don Richardson’s Lords of the Earth (chapter 7-9)


Written by BGU

Have you ever felt that your life was a novel? Well it is, in a way. Peruse through the end of your bible in that ominous, yet glorious book titled Revelation. Traverse especially chapter 20 where the dead are judged. Not only is the Book of Life opened, but other books are opened. Could these be the stories of each individual life?

There may be a day when your biography, the story of your life from start to finish, will be opened up before the eyes of the One on the judgment seat. Do all that you can now to prepare for that day, making your biography one covered in the blood of the Lamb

Chapters 7-9 of Lords of the Earth introduces Stanley Albert Dale, born on June 26th, 1916 in Kyogle, Australia. These chapters tell the story of his life from childhood until he first flew over the previously introduced Irian Jayan tribes. Stanley was a rough character with some hard edges, but the perseverance of this man is incredible (as you’ll see why if you read the book!). Hard manual labor and adversity at a young age followed by his time as a paratrooper commando in WWII bred in him a will of stone to overcome all obstacles. He is going to need that iron will with what lies ahead. Today’s adversity builds in us an advantage over tomorrow’s.

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