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From the SRC: Don Richardson’s Lords of the Earth (Conclusion)


Written by BGU

There are many inspiring books waiting patiently to be read by you. Found between their pages is a world of knowledge and insight on anything from cooking to space travel. Don Richardson’s Lords of the Earth is a must read for the missions-minded individual.

After finishing the last page, I closed the book while thinking to myself, “Wow, I wanna be a missionary!”

One thing I noticed while reading the story of missionary workers bringing light into these villages is how akin these stories are to those told in the book of Acts. If anyone asks you why miracles as described in the Bible don’t happen anymore, tell them that it’s because Christianity is not a spectator sport. Get off the couch and do something huge for God. The provision of the Lord engenders the disciple (you) doing the work of the Lord. And the work of God for us to do is this: to take the Gospel from where it is to where it is not.

The path of obedience to Christ often entails a bloody trail. This book is not exactly a gather the family around the kitchen table for Bible study sort of read, it’s more of a graphic, gory, get ready to realize the extent of human depravity kind of book. Some parts were just absolutely heart-breaking. I couldn’t help but think at times, “Lord, we really do deserve Hell!”

Don’t believe the idea that man is genuinely benign and good-willing when left in nature without technology. From this book, as well as books such as Peace Child (Richardson), End of the Spear (Saint), Can We Know (Shetler), How Now Shall We Live? (Colson), and others, one can see the continuity of sin in every human being. Consider Jesus’ words in Matthew 15:18, how out of the human heart comes depravities such as evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander. There really are tribes out their living in utter darkness. They really need the light of Jesus. And, as typified by this book, the Gospel has the ability to break through that darkness!

If you want a book that will inspire you to abandon the sulking paths of self preservation, I cannot recommend to you enough this documentation of genuine Christianity. Don Richardson, with the help of God, has produced a gripping account of a team of people following the Great Commission. I want to join such a team as that. I wanna be a missionary.

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