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The Furnace Prayer Room: Centrality of Prayer in Missions


Written by Mayra Palomino

Is prayer a key part of missions? At Bethany Global University (BGU), we believe so. Intercession is a beautiful part of missions. It gives the opportunity to intercede for what the Lord is doing overseas, the missionaries at work, God’s heart for the nations, and a chance to witness the power of prayer as we experience God’s answers to our requests. “Through prayer, students are enabled to receive the knowledge and love of Christ for the unreached- to grow a heart for them through prayer before going out and taking part in the work that they’ve been praying for. It creates and cultivates a lifestyle of prayer that will sustain students once they get to the missions field through intimacy with Jesus.” – Eric Simmons, Furnace Prayer Room Director. Prayer is necessary for the growth of future missionaries. It helps develop a further understanding of the Lord’s heart for the world, and strengthens us as we are readied for the future plans He has for our lives by deepening our relationship with Him. Bethany Global University has always desired to maintain a central place for prayer in our community; in the past, BGU had launched Bethany House of Prayer. The project came to an end, but the mission to re-launch a prayer room never left the community. This year, BGU has been happy to finally announce the launch of the Furnace Prayer Room. “The furnace room has been so effective for the community as a whole. It’s a place where people can go and meet with God intentionally. The name is perfect for it. It’s a place where we can go be renewed by God, where a fire for Him is ignited, and where He refines us. I love it.” Michelle, Sophomore Student. At the Furnace Prayer Room, students and staff have an intentional space where they can go and spend personal time with the Lord, or come together as a community for corporate worship and prayer intercession sessions. So what are the future plans for the Furnace Prayer Room? “We would like to see more hours of live worship and prayer; to eventually have people from outside the BGU community involved. To have an impact not only in the school, but the surrounding community of the South Minneapolis area. We would love to see 24/7 worship and prayer in effect in the future, reflecting worship in the earth as it is in heaven” – Eric Simmons, Furnace Prayer Room Director. The current Mission Statement of the Furnace Prayer Room is “to create and cultivate a continual altar of prayer and worship in the greater Minneapolis area – to bring God the glory and adoration that He is due, resulting in a deep understanding of the knowledge of God, personal transformation into Christ-likeness, and the thrusting forth of laborers into the global harvest to take the church to where it is not”. If you find yourself in the South Minneapolis area, don’t be afraid to stop by and check out the Furnace Prayer Room. The hours of operation are: Monday: 6AM – 12AM Tuesday: 6AM – 12AM Wednesday: 6AM – 12AM Thursday: 6AM – 12AM Friday: 3PM – 12AM Saturday: 6AM – 12AM Sunday: 1:30PM – 12AM

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