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Getting Your Education Back On Track


Written by Dan Sanchez

There is a little-known opportunity at BGU to fast track your education if you didn’t enroll in college this fall or if you are regretting where you are currently enrolled. At BGU, freshmen that start in the spring semester get to graduate the same time as their classmates that started in the fall. This is made possible by taking classes over the summer. This way, when you start your sophomore year, you will have just as many credits as if you had started in the fall. Think about it. In 16 months you will have completed what takes most people 2 years! Learn more about how you can jump into BGU this January from our Executive Vice President, David Hasz:
  • If you missed the chance to start school this fall, this is your chance to get back on track by starting this January and joining the rest of your class as a sophomore next fall.
  • If you are just now considering enrolling, this is your chance to get ahead.
  • If you feel like the current school/program is a bad fit, this is your opportunity to start fresh.

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