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The People We Meet – The People God Loves


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While on the tram as I watched people enter and exit, going on with their different ways of life. I soon got to thinking about the huge difference between the lives that we all live as humans. It’s funny how our environment, world view, experience, and background all come together to make our lives so different from one another.

Today I spent time with a girl who’s sixteen, loves Spanish films, and hanging out with her friends. She also happens to be married, pregnant with her second child, and Romani, a people group we know as Gypsy. She spends her days begging on the streets and taking care of her one year old daughter.

There’s a whole array of people that you’ll run into in that world out there. Almost every night on the streets here I see a forlorn drunk, a half-dressed party girl, and a half-asleep business man heading different directions and I wonder what are the million words, steps, and memories that have turned them into the people they are today.

Even under our own noses, the people we pass each day have seen a different world, a different universe than the one we know ourselves. When you were celebrating your 13th birthday there was someone who was getting sold into slavery. When I was losing my close friend in a car accident there was a couple somewhere who just found out they were finally pregnant. The world is a strange place filled with over 7 billion people going in many different directions.

I suppose that’s why I’m little too enthralled with fiction and imagination. The world shifts gears, the colors change hues, and the soundtrack switches rhythm when we step into another person’s shoes. The world can be seen through the eyes of a well-known movie star squinting in the glare of camera flashes or in the dimness seen through the eyes of a slave in America who almost no one knows exists. Does anyone care?

How crazy is it to think that there’s one who understands, who sees through and just plain gets every person who’s out there in that big, little world. The words “God understands” has become rather cliche, but let’s take a moment to look for the truth behind the Hallmark card. We have a man who came down to earth, was covered in dirt, sweat, and the rejection of this earth so that He could look into the eyes of every man, woman, and child and let them know, “I get you”.

There are a million things that we as humans will never be able to understand in this life, and that’s okay. I’ll never be able to understand the life and world of that gypsy girl, but heck, who knows if I’ll ever be able to understand my own! But really, I don’t care. Because right now there’s someone whose eyes I’m looking into, and is telling me, “I get you. I know who you are, I see where you’re at, and I care.” Let’s leave it at that.

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