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Greasers, Jocks, and Nerds: How BGU Staff Shows Appreciation


Written by Mayra Palomino

The staff at BGU are much more than teachers or mentors—they are family, and like family, their hearts seek to let the students know they are valued in different ways. One of those ways is whimsical shows for their students.

On Thursday, March 10th, the BGU staff delivered yet another unexpected surprise to their beloved students. Students were shocked as they were transported back to the 1950s through the stunning performances of the BGU staff and faculty. Cool-cat greasers , cheerleader queens, math-loving nerds and a kookie-cook filled the atmosphere as students sat back in a rockin’ 50s diner and enjoyed the unforgettable show that the staff had assembled.

Below are some photos from another amazing student appreciation event.

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