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Written by Dan Sanchez

Last school year, we posted a total of two blog posts. The blog was a side site and we decided to fix that this year.  Over the last three months we have published 17 posts (averaging 2 a week) to give you a peek into life on the BGU campus, our global Internship, as well as missions in general. And it’s only the beginning. Moving forward we are working to publish articles to help you with the top questions you have about missions like:
  • Why do missionaries join agencies?
  • Is there any other way to raise money for missions other than begging for support?
  • What types of training does a missionary need?
  • What do missionaries wish they had known before they first went?
  • How do I handle my debts and still go into missions?
We will also continue to report on events happening on campus and around the globe in our global internships. In case you just stumbled across this blog or missed a few posts, check out.

Campus Event Highlights

While BGU is known for the 16 months students spend overseas, there is still a lot that is happening on campus in Minneapolis. New students who come to BGU are often shocked by the atmosphere and community that takes place on campus every day. Combining monthly events and weekly local outreaches, life on campus is transformational. Missions-Blog-Posts-9.12



Missions-Blog-Posts-7.46 Missions-Blog-Posts-7.39

Day In the Life of a Global Intern Infographics

People often ask, “what do students do on their global internship?”. Before we started blogging, there was only a vague idea of what life on internship was like, but now you can at least get a peek by glancing at these daily schedules in each location.


Missions-Blog-Posts-8.59 Missions-Blog-Posts-8.46 Missions-Blog-Posts-8.17  

Missionary Training Tips

BGU is home to dozens of missionaries and missions experts. Below is their advice and wisdom for those who aspire to follow in their footsteps. Missions-Blog-Posts-8.52 Missions-Blog-Posts-9.22 Missions-Blog-Posts-8.35


Extra Missions Blog Posts

There are always a number of blog posts that don’t fit in a particular category, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. Take a look through them for inspiration. Missions-Blog-Posts-9.18 Missions-Blog-Posts-9.04 Missions-Blog-Posts-7.58 Missions-Blog-Posts-7.52   What would you like to see in the blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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