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How Bible College Equates to Hacky Sack


Written by BGU

Believe it or not, playing hacky sack and going to a Bible college has one thing in common! If you’re intending on going to BCOM, or any Bible college for that matter, then read this post. Trust me, it just might keep you from looking silly as a freshman. 🙂 In hacky sack, the inexperienced players tend to hog the bag in their attempt to keep it up in the air. In the mean time the other players are standing there waiting for their hacky sack-neophyte friend to pass it on or drop it. The more experienced players are able to pass and play, pass and play, so that everyone is involved and no hoggery takes place. The novices don’t exactly have the passing technique down, so everyone just watches and waits as they try their best. Now here’s how it relates to Bible college. Mind you that while it isn’t true about everyone, it can be seen in every Bible college. A new student will step onto campus with their Bible tucked under their arm and a subconscious sense of superiority in the back of their head (I’m pretty sure that I was like this too during freshman year). The noob will think to himself “Do you realize who I am!? I’ve been to youth group! I’ve been in youth leadership! Let me at ’em! I’ll show people my superior Bible knowledge!” And so the first few classes serve to be quite interesting. The person will raise their hand in class seeming to want to ask a question, but as soon as the teacher points to them they whip out the pulpit and let loose a whole sermon that has everything to it but the special song and the benevolence offering at the end. Everyone just watches and waits patiently. You have to give it to those Bible college professors for their humility. They very patiently wait as people let out a rant somewhat related to the subject at hand (hogging the hacky sack if you will). But eventually 1st year students turn into 2nd year students who start realizing that these teachers and professors have been walking with the Lord all of their lives, have earned themselves Ph.D. and Master Degrees, have lived in other countries, and experienced the difficulties of real life. Therefore if there was anyone in the classroom who deserves to show off their moves it would probably be the teacher who grew up in Africa and saw more things than you could imagine. My advice to the soon to be Bible college student is this: just be humble and willing to learn. Everyone already knows that there are five different words for love in Greek, so don’t worry about sharing them. Trust me, we all know the difference between agape and phileo love. Adhering to this proverb will undoubtedly keep you from laughing at your previous self when you turn into a sophomore. He who has knowledge spares his words, And a man of understanding is of a calm spirit. Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive. (Proverbs 17:27-28 NKJV)

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