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How Do I Change?


Written by BGU

edited-prayer-poseWhere does it all start? It starts with going to the secret place, falling on your knees, and crying out to God for Him to change you into a Godly man or woman. It’s a daily attendance to the secret place that will change you dramatically over time. Seeking the face of God will produce in you a crop of righteousness. The more face time you have with Him, the more you will reflect his character. It’s in the secret place that victory begins. Cultivated time alone with Him is what your walk hinges on. Read Exodus 33:13: If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people.” Isn’t it interesting how Moses’ heart was set on the Lord? It’s a heart that melts with love for God, crying out for God to, if pleased with him, make him even more pleasing to his Maker. It’s a strange cry of the heart.”God, if you are pleased with me, make me more pleasing to you!” I feel that it’s the cry of a repentant heart, one that says God knows best, and I’m the one that needs to change. This repentant heart should carry into everything from how we pray, to what we wear, and to what we say. I feel that the moment we neglect this, along with a clear conscience, we start wandering off the narrow road.

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