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I’d Rather be a Missionary by J. Philip Hogan


Written by BGU

If I could just be young again,

And if I had the choice

To be a multi-millionaire,

Or have a famous voice;

If I could have rare beauty,

Or the best vocabulary,

I’d turn my back on all these things,

And be a Missionary.

If I could have the wisdom of an Einstein,

And if I chose, Fame

If I could have ability,

And wear the finest clothes;

If I could choose to see the world,

I would not fear nor tarry,

I’d say good-bye to all these things,

And be a Missionary.

If I could just be young again,

I’d yield to Christ my all,

At early age I’d answer yes,

To Jesus’ loving call;

Then say good-bye to home and friends,

My other dreams I’d bury,

And follow Christ to lands afar,

I’d be a Missionary.

I’d walk the dusty city streets

Where unsaved millions live,

I’d tell the Gospel of my Lord,

My time, my love I’d give;

I’d travel jungle rivers,

And canoe if necessary,

Or live a life that’s primitive,

But be a Missionary!

I’d ride the hardest mountain trail,

And climb rugged mountain peaks,

Or follow Christ if He should lead,

To deserts hot and bleak;

I would not trade the privilege,

To tell the Gospel Story,

For all the world could offer me,

Of pleasures, wealth, and glory;

Oh, to see a never-dying soul,

Confess to Christ his sin,

Then watch him live a transformed life

before his fellow men;

It brings peace into the human heart,

And makes the Angels sing,

And it gives the Missionary a joy

The world could never bring

What if the sun does burn my brow,

If children I can teach;

What if I am drenched by monsoon rains,

The Gospel truth to preach;

What if I cannot have the food

That once was customary,

If I can give the Bread of Life,

I’ll be a Missionary!

The millions longing for the Truth,

In false religions search;

While Jesus waits for us to help

Establish His True Church;

If I were young I’d choose a life

Like Livingstone or Carey,

And though my light would fainter shine,

I’d be a Missionary!

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