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Q&A With Jessica – Global Intern In Kenya


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Q&A with a current global intern in Africa.
Q. What kinds of ministry are you doing?

A. For the first half of internship we have been doing a lot of different work in the schools around here and just building friendships with people in town. Now that language learning is over we have been freer to pursue different areas of ministry in the community that we feel called to. Right now I am working with an orphanage in town and also with the different Westerners and Europeans that come into town looking for meaning in life! On top of that we just spend a lot of time with people and building friendships.

Q. What does your housing look like?

A. Us girls live in a nice little house in a compound that has about 8-10 other families from some of the churches around here. Our house is small but a perfect size for just 5 of us girls! The guys live in a big house in a big compound all to themselves. Their house is also considered our classroom and a place where we hang out a lot of times for lunch, etc. We live in cement houses with clay floors. Instead of an oven we have a gas stove, and we use a water filter for drinking and a stick broom to sweep our floors! It never gets cold here so we don’t have to worry about closing the windows which are nice and big so that we are able to keep them open at all times!

Q. What does communication with home look like?

A. Because we have good internet connection we are blessed with being able to contact at least a couple times a week! It has been really easy keeping in touch with family back home and it is so nice to get letters in the mail!

Q. What are the people like?

A. The people here are super friendly and hospitable, but when it comes to deeper things about their lives or what is happening they will not share right away. It takes building friendships over a period of time and earning trust before they will open up enough for you to truly share with them!

Q. What is something interesting that you’ve done?

A. Life here is almost always interesting and so different from life in the States that this is a hard question to answer! I guess the most interesting thing that has happened to us was the day that my roommate and I got stuck in the back of the matatu (usually an old van-type vehicle, which is the most common form of transportation in Kenya) and had to climb out the window in skirts, and then on the way home we found ourselves walking behind a herd of 50 camels into town!

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