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Q&A With Kelly – Global Intern In Kenya


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Q&A with a current global intern in Africa.
Q. What’s ministry like?

A. Friendship evangelism. its the safest way and the most challenging. I’m teaching at primary schools and holding a Bible Club with Abby at Life School.

Q. What’s housing like?

A. The girl’s house has three bedrooms with ceiling fans, a bathroom with running water, a living room, and a dining room with both a refrigerator and freezer! We also have a kitchen with a gas stove and a sink. Yes we are very blessed! We do have outhouses just in case, and sometimes the electricity goes out. If the drinking water goes out we have water in jugs for that very occasion.

Q. What does communication with home look like?

A. Teammate’s computer. My parents don’t have the internet, so I can’t skype them. The only options are facebook with my sister or calling, which uses up a lot of minutes (in other words-all my minutes!). So I facebook my sister a lot and call my parents every couple of weeks.

Q. What are the people like?

A. I love living here with these people. Sometimes I feel more at home here than in America. The “down countries” (Kenyans who aren’t from that area) like to talk forever and serve you chai tea. If you don’t see them for more than two days they think you’ve forgotten about them. The Somalis and the Muslims are more reserved, but once you get to know them you’re a part of the family. They’re so intriguing. They have no concept of time here. They spend their days visiting, eating and cooking and walking everywhere. They love interruptions, so this is a big stretch in my life. The Muslim women have grown up being told that they are not good enough for the men, are useless and are ugly. You can tell them how pretty they are, but they’ll insist that we have white skin and therefore are the beautiful ones. This is a good chance to show them what love is, gentle love.

Q. What’s something interesting you’ve done?

A. The most exciting thing that I have done is driving out into the bush (in the middle of nowhere) and walking on dried, crusty red dirt to search for giraffes (I saw six of them with three babies).

The sunset makes all flowers and plants come alive (because everything else is dead). The sun fades and the night sky appears before you so wide that it seems like a snow globe from east to west with the stars so close that they actually twinkle. I feel like I can breath, just me and God. Breathtaking.

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