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Q&A With Tamsen – Global Intern In France


Written by BGU

Hey Tamsen! Would you like to answer a few questions so the blog readers can get a feel for what Global Internship in France is like? Yes? Okay.

Q. What kinds of ministry are you doing?

Right now I’m just meeting with anyone and everyone. This past week I’ve gone out to fast food, sat on a park bench, peeled peas, gone to an Indian restaurant and popped into a cafe, all to meet with people who I pray with and can be God’s light to.

Q. What does your housing look like?

A. I’m living in a highly developed country, so the fact that there’s about 3 bathrooms in this house makes this a luxury. We have a spacious downstairs that is great for hosting get-togethers. However, my bedroom is just big enough to fit my roomies’ and my beds and our lamp stand. We have a large lovely window, though, and charming Brazilian neighbors!

Q. What does communication with home look like?

A. Skype, email, facebook. And we just happen to have a phone with unlimited free calls to home phones in the States! (We’re super lucky though!). However, the 7-hour time difference does sometimes put a stick in the spokes of transatlantic communication.

Q. What are the people like?

A. The french are not the snobbish, rude, distant people they’re made out to be. There are as many people that fit that description here as in America. However, I do find that they are more “discrete” as they call it here, which means that they are more reserved and it takes longer to get to know them and become true friends with them. But once you have a French friend—you’re friends for life!

Q. What’s something interesting that you’ve done?

A. I’ve become an amateur connoisseur of French cheeses…very amateur! (You should see the cheese aisles here, it’s practically a city block!). I’ve also smiled back at the Mona Lisa and hiked through the French countryside to see fireworks for the 14th of July (their 4th of July!) Good times.

Thanks Tamsen!

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