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supermariostartutpic15Invincibility. When we root and ground ourselves in Christ, we find ourselves less effected by what happens around us, and more effected by what He does inside of us. He leads, we follow, and are no longer so easily swayed by the fact that someone gave us the bird, or that we got ripped off at the restaurant. We are immune to the arrows of the enemy. Like chain mail around the heart, we are protected in the one area we are targeted the most: our emotions.

“Contentment in God shown makes the Gospel of Christ known.”

The other night I went to Walmart with some friends. I had my card on me, and, seeing how I was there, took a mental inventory to see if there was anything I needed. Deodorant, laundry detergent, maybe some new socks, or an exciting box of floss? I realized at that moment that I had no present needs and had plenty of everything. I then thought, what about what I want? Is there anything I would like to get for myself? And so I began scoping out the isles to see of something I wanted.

Interestingly enough, I found things that I liked, and was considering purchasing them, but I wasn’t in this haze of thinking that I needed to buy it right now. I was content. Though Walmart was unleashing the full fury of it’s marketing power, I wasn’t fazed. It felt like bullets of materialism were just bouncing right off of me.

Take this next paragraph carefully, and understand what I’m saying. I first want you to know that I don’t believe there is anything wrong with having stuff. If there was, than God wouldn’t have blessed Abraham, Isaac or Jacob with lots of camels and sheep and servants and such. But I want to ask, is our bank account depleted because our relationship with Christ is depleted? Is our relationship with Christ depleted because all of our time is spent on Xbox… and therefore invest more money than we think into buying this and that? Again, there is nothing wrong with having stuff, but, Lord, I don’t want to build a wall of stuff that blocks the way between me and You.

The final offensive Walmart puts up is the candy rack right beside the register, but because of this peace God had put on me in that moment, I didn’t feel like I needed it one bit.

Afterwords, I went across the street and bought the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Thanks Best Buy. 🙂

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