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Islam breaching the West


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Islam is reaching many parts of the world, including Europe. It’s already seen in small ways here in America, despite how incongruous it is to the Western people’s mindset. It would not surprise me if in the next couple years we see the influx of Muslims running over the European brim and into the United States and Canada. Reason being because of the high birth rate of Muslim families and the low birth rate of Western families.

httpv://  It’s true that Islam is spreading rapidly, however, I would caution the reader to understand that not all Muslims want to kill infidels (unbelievers, Jews, Christians, etc.). Most Muslims simply want to scratch out a living while keeping their religion, and many sincerely love Allah, yet don’t know the Truth. Just as Americans are persuaded that all Muslims want to break into your house and kill you, so also Muslims are told that Christians and Jews want to slaughter elders, women, and children. This is not the case with us and this is not the case with most Muslims. There are some who hold to the Qur’an in an extreme fashion, but don’t let Al-Qaeda influence your perspective of Islam as a whole. Are there Jihadists? Yes but don’t shrink back.

What makes us think that these people are beyond reaching, or sub-human in some way that disqualifies them from being ministered to? Turn off the news and start praying. Learn what the Injil is and go talk with some Muslims. The harvest is humongous, but the laborers are afraid because the news told them to be.

Don’t be afraid. Be a light to them by sitting down, having tea, eating goat meat with your hands (if they’re Somali), and realizing that they are humans as well. Islamic terrorism is very real, but not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s from that place that you can share the Hope of the Nations.

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