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It’s Easy Being a Christian, if You’re not Serving the Lord


Written by BGU


Colby Dill, a sophomore here at BCOM, had previously attended the Kansas City International House of Prayer and is currently interested in going to Thailand with Bethany. Here is the story of his genuine growth in the Lord.

I started going to BCOM  this past January. I came into the program with an open heart on things. At first I was cool with about mostly everything, but it was just a front for the time. Then I started realizing how much some of the rules where rubbing me wrong. I didn’t like many of the rules at all, but I didn’t want to come across as rebellious. So I sat back and thought about my heart in this situation. I started reading some of the apostle Paul’s stuff in Romans; he was telling the people to submit to the authority of the Roman government. I have read some books about the Roman persecution of the Jewish people in that time. There was a lot of blood shed. So I found myself scratching my head at the statement Paul was making. Why would he tell a group of people to submit to a government that was oppressing and murdering them? He wasn’t telling them to go against their moral values or the Word of God, but to submit to the authority that was ruling over them. As I was sitting there pondering on this idea, I started thinking about my current situation. Should I submit to the rules that have been placed over me? Do they go against my moral standards or the Word? Well, no, but they’re dumb rules. The Jews were told to go stand in the middle of an arena and wait for hungry lions to come out and devour them before thousands of people. Man, why are we complaining about little rules such as taking your hat off inside? Why are we so worried about it? It’s not that big of a deal. My situation was just dumb; I was making a big deal out of nothing. We have all been guilty of putting on the face of a Christian and acting like we are cool with everything, but our heart says otherwise. And if we don’t take care of it right then and there, it turns into rebellion. If the rules do not go against the Word or our morals, which should be lined up with the Word, we shouldn’t complain. Living out Christ goes way deeper than just putting a smile on your face so everybody thinks your just a”goody-two-shoes”. It goes all the way down to the heart. Jesus wants us to live Him out in front of people and behind closed doors. He is going to see the things that we do behind the closed doors of our lives. If we are under a certain authority and we “act” like we are okay with the rules and regulations that are put on us, but in our hearts we are angry and have malice towards them, what good is it to be under their authority? We say we are okay with it, but in our hearts we hate it. It’s like saying you love someone to their face, but in your heart you really don’t like them. The Lord is going to judge every thought and everything in our hearts. Oh God, my prayer is that You would have mercy on us. For we have not lived You out in our hearts. I want to explain my title. It’s easy being a Christian, if you’re not serving the Lord. We can go about our day as happy little Christians, but in our hearts we are no better than the unbelievers of this world. We have to be rooted and grounded in who God is. Here’s the thing, we need revelation from God Himself, not from someone on a pulpit or behind a desk. To really grasp who God is and who we are in God, we need the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to strike our hearts. To live a sold out life for God starts from the inside out.

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