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Journey of Blind Faith


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April 9-10, 2011, were days never to be forgotten for the students here at Bethany College of Missions. These dates were for our annual student CrossWalk. During CrossWalk 2011, ten teams, made up of students, were placed strategically across the state of Minnesota, each team about 2-3 hours away from the campus. The teams had nothing on them, except water, a Bible, and their journals. They could not stop anybody to ask for help, and if someone did stop to help them, they could ask for nothing. It was completely a walk of faith and trust that God would provide for them. Each of the teams had to make it back to campus by 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, or else they had to call in to have someone come to pick them up. One of these teams, while on the road, had a newspaper reporter come and do an article on their walk. The account is below:
  Reported by the Winona Daily News We all have our crosses to bear. For Nathanael Hostetter, Angela LaCoursiere, Samantha Villacin and Taylor Pritchard, theirs was a nearly six-foot wooden cross they lugged up U.S. Hwy. 61 on Saturday afternoon. The quartet of students had been blindfolded and dropped off … well, they really don’t know where, but probably somewhere south of Winona. None of them were familiar with the Winona area. The Bethany College of Missions students were given a few simple instructions: Get back home and no begging for rides. They were without cellphones, without maps, without cash, without food. The college is located in Bloomington, Minn., and they must make the return trip. Nine other groups were dropped off across the state, instructed that they could accept car rides if offered, but only for 20 miles. The college trains students and graduates for work in the mission field. The four weren’t familiar with the area, and kept walking, carrying the cross that had motorists slowing and some stopping. The cross bore the signatures of some who stopped and asked questions. Those who took the time to find out more about them were invited to sign the cross with a red marker. “We’re using the faith of God to get back,” Hostetter said. Read the entire story accompanied by CrossWalk photos here.   

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