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Joy in Death


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When your will dies and His lives, there’s nothing but joy in front of you.

Have you ever hesitated in truly surrendering an area of your life to God?

I certainly have, on many different occasions. I have been learning to a new extent that in life we fight a constant battle with our flesh. Whether the battle concerns control, weakness, worry, or whatever else, it is so important to learn when our flesh is trying to run the show and how we need to prevent it from taking over. This is a daily issue, we have to die everyday to ourselves. In the Word, we are told that we must decrease so that God can increase! What an amazing, yet extremely difficult, command from the Lord. He longs to have total control over your life so that He can lead you in the way that He planned for you before the beginning of time. How incredible that such a mighty, sovereign, dangerous God would be so personal and long to be intimate with each of us individually! Though we hear about this great love He has for us many, sometimes countless, times throughout our lives, it never becomes obsolete in any way or form. His truth and love remain! And though this world will change and shift in every aspect, He will never change.

Loran Livingston, the Pastor of my home church, Central Church of God, said something one Sunday that the Lord has truly glued to me ever since I first heard it. “When your will dies and His lives, there’s nothing but joy in front of you.” Wow! This is oh so true in many ways! When you lay yourself down before God, recklessly, in true surrender, that is when He can take the reins! When you put what you want aside, and say, “Okay God, what I want is your will, I want your will to be my will,” then He will begin to change your heart as you diligently seek His face. This is where you find joy, in Him! And when you live in this way, in your every day walk of life, you really will have nothing but joy in front of you.

This post was written by Brianna Robinson, a new student here at BCOM.

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