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It’s More Than Just A Campus Preview Weekend


Written by Lillian Hunsberger

Preview weekend: it’s not just a couple nights of sleeping in someone else’s bed or finally experiencing college cooking. It’s more than meeting a multitude of new people and answering the same four questions over and over and over. It’s definitely more than an experience… it’s an adventure. From Open Dorm Night to the Missions Experience to Worship with the crazy students whom you learn to love, it’s a journey where you get to learn all about our college and find out if this is a place you can call home for a few years. We absolutely love having some new faces on campus and hearing different stories about how God is work in each individual life. We cherish the laughter that fills our student lounge and the songs that fill chapel. We cherish each moment where we get to know another brother and sister in Christ. But this isn’t about us… It’s about the previewers. So don’t take it from us; hear what the previewers had to say about their experience during our Fall 2017 Preview Weekend.

Previewer’s Quotes:

“How everyone’s faith is, it’s super inspiring. You all love God and have a passion to serve Him.” — Madisyn “Everyone is diverse but there is a huge part that is just the same, we all have the passion for God.” — Rebekah
“I thought the missions experience was amazing. Just seeing a portion of what God could be sending me in especially South East Asia, where He might be calling me to give my life or at least my all, it was so humbling.” — Noah

“Party with the best!” — Dan (Left to Right: Lauren, Zach, Dan)

“I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so welcoming and genuine and in pursuit of God. It’s definitely an environment I’d love to be in.” — Lauren “Prayer is such a major focus of this college. There is a genuine belief that God is going to move in amazing ways. I also can’t wait to see how God is at work on the mission field since we prayed for the interns while on the missions experience.” — Isacc
You see, preview weekend is an amazing experience. It’s a journey filled with memories that I know I will keep with me for the remainder of my time here at BGU. And from what I heard all the previewers (and hopefully potential students) feel the same way. Upset for missing it? Don’t worry we have one coming up this Spring, April 5-7, 2018, and we would love to see you there.

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