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Korea, Iran and the Biblical Perspective


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1163417_-global_warming_iv1Ken Krause, the director of Bethany College of Missions, is a man who is up to date with the current news. His passion for relevance is demonstrated in his daily interaction with the students and his consistent passion for learning and growing.

The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will. Proverbs 21:1

Having given my life to the gospel and its proclamation to the ends of the earth, I spend some time each day in my Bible and some time each day in the news.  My heart has been gripped with the brevity of movement in some key nations this week.  The people of Iran are putting immense pressure on their leader in the pursuit of freedom at the risk of their own lives in many cases, while the demonically motivated leader of North Korea is positioning his nuclear arsenal to fire at Hawaii, apparently.

The worldly response to such information is worry or overreaction, whereas from a Biblical perspective, I believe we must step back and marvel.  I believe that the hearts of Kings are in the hands of the Lord as Proverbs 21 states.  God is establishing and positioning human government in order to bring about his ultimate goal to send His Son a second time to establish justice and righteousness on the earth.  Tyrannical leaders’ ill-advised and aggressive moves have historically led to openness for messengers of the gospel to go into new lands and the Kingdom has been advanced.  That’s not to say such actions were right, but they were ultimately good.

I can’t say the situations with Iran and North Korea will do exactly that, but a day is coming when God will align the nations to rage against the leadership of His Son and agree with the approach and philosophy of his arch enemy, antichrist.  As terrifying as that might sound, how glorious to know that in only a few years time from then, we’ll never long for revival again, as we’ll live under the perfect and just rule of Jesus; all the Kings of the earth will bow their knee to Him and do what is right; sin and death will be no more; and God will dwell with man!

Kenneth Krause

Director of Bethany College of Missions

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