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Learning How to Learn: Global Internship


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One of the most unique parts of the BCOM experience is global internship, a 16-month internship in another part of the world. Sitting in class one day, I remember listening to the teacher emphatically urge us to go on global internship. “It’ll change your life” he said. BGU’s Bachelor of Arts program includes a 16-month global internship which takes place in various countries. After completing the necessary two terms of training on campus, the student will be able to choose a ministry site in another part of the world. This list includes parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia. After a four month period of fundraising at home, the intern will board the plane and be sent off for their training program at the internship site they have chosen. “But what does one learn on global internship?” you may ask. Great question. The intern’s learning experience includes language learning, cultural understanding, and practical ministry to the locals. The specifics of these learning experiences obviously vary from country to country, but one thing that all interns will do is learn how to learn. Regardless of whether you’re in Thailand eating squid or speaking french with the locals in Paris, as a global intern you will learn how to learn a culture. This ability to learn isn’t limited to the culture you experience through global internship. Your ability to discern culture and worldview behind a people group will extend to all peoples you encounter from that moment on. Essentially, you are learning how to learn a people-the epitome of effective missionary work. Don’t think that you can get by with regurgitating facts or quoting phrases. Missions work requires genuine people who can think on their feet. An effective missionary must learn how to learn…and in learning that, you will find a valuable key to being effective in any culture.

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