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Living out the Evidence


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If you stop trying to prove the Bible is true and simply start living like it’s true, you’ll see the Bible start to prove itself right before your very eyes. When I first started following the Lord, I began searching hard after him out of faith. But it didn’t take too long until He began making himself evident to me in numerous ways. Even then, the younger Jarred questioned himself a lot over whether or not he was the victim of some clever trickery on a religious leader’s part. But now, after walking with Him for a mere 4 years, I have come to respond to skepticism with a smile and a simple, “God is real. Do the work and you’ll see.” It’s not because I’m tired of being skeptical or anything, it’s because I’ve come to the point where I don’t need to convince myself every day that God is real and the Bible is true. It is true, not because someone told me so, but because God has been unafraid to show me more than once. I realized that I cannot stay forever on this treadmill of doubting, God proving himself true, and me finally believing.  There came a point earlier this fall when I asked myself, “Self, how many times do I have to have the Bible proven to me before I finally accept the fact that it’s true? When will I just swallow my pride and start living out the evidence? How many statistics about prayer do I need until I simply start praying for the lost and for the 10/40 window?” It dawned on me that an important part of maturing in the Lord is coming to accept the truth of the Bible. To be honest, I used to look down on the pastors who didn’t constantly talk apologetics. Now however, I understand that apologetics are great, but they are merely introductory, neophyte material. Don’t get me wrong, some people excel at apologetics and could spend their entire life studying the subject, but the question is this: In studying apologetics, I now know… but in knowing, am I going to do anything about it?

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