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NEW: Enrichment Courses From BGU


Written by Dan Sanchez

At Bethany Global University, we believe the work of the Great Commission is not the work of a select few, but the whole body of Christ. This work requires a collaborative effort across churches, ministries, giftings, and callings in order to effectively make disciples of all nations. Because of this, we are rolling out a new offering of Enrichment Courses for any believer to discover how they can find a role in this great task. They are short mini-courses that consist of a series of videos about different topics related to missions as well as discipleship courses to grow in your own walk with Christ. Our aim is to provide insights into your calling, education about what God is doing around the world, as well as practical advice on how you can make a difference. Today, we are starting with two courses that are free for you to take anytime online:
  1. The Plan: How-to Discover your Role In God’s Plan by David Hasz
  2. How to Hear the Voice of God by Ken Freire
Our aim to is to produce 4-8 new courses a year with some of the topics below coming within the next six months:
  • Mobilization: Helping Others Hear the Call
  • Missions Sending: Strategies for Successful Partnership
  • Missions 101: What to Know Before You Go Overseas
  • Short Term Missions: Strategies for Long Term Impact
  • The Purpose and Power of Prayer in Missions
You can request a notification of when these courses are released by filling out the form on this page. It is important to note that, while Bethany Global University is an accredited institution, these enrichment courses are not for credit. They are for your personal enrichment and growth. Sign up for a course today to start your journey into the world of missions.

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