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BGU Launches New Major: BA in Education in Missions


Written by Dan Sanchez

Bethany Global University (BGU) is proud to announce our third Bachelor of Arts major:  Education in Missions. BGU has offered a minor in Early Childhood Education for many years now, but we have extended it to become a full major and, like our Transformational Entrepreneurship major, will include a second major in Bible and Theology. The decision came out of a desire to produce well rounded educator missionaries that could build bridges for Christ with families across the globe. Currently, 250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing, and math skills. Because of this, we have found that many people groups who are initially resistant to welcoming missionaries are open and willing to engage outsiders. Education opens doors and a new generation of educator missionaries are needed to shine brightly in dark places. To form the curriculum of this degree, we partnered with the largest Christian Montessori school in the nation, Hand in Hand Christian Montessori, to teach our students how to use the Montessori Method to holistically nurture and educate children. Montessori is an innovative educational method that utilizes children’s innate curiosity to drive learning while providing an environment rich with learning materials to facilitate their education. Educators facilitate learning rather than lecture and each classroom has mixed ages to foster collaboration, leadership, and group learning. Faith is also a strong foundation in Montessori as children learn to pray and study God’s Word through scripture memorization and special materials designed to help children understand theological concepts. Below, the founder of Hand in Hand, Michelle Thompson, explains what makes the school unique. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to take additional courses and undertake two semesters of student teaching from the Christian Montessori Training Center (CMTC) to earn a full Montessori teaching credential. Two BGU students said the following about working with the CMTC after finishing their degree programs last year: Like all of our majors, Education in Missions students will participate in a 16-month Global Internship overseas, Practical Training, and are eligible for our Tuition-Paid program. To learn more, you can find the full course list and details about BGU on the new major’s web page. Enrollment for this new major will begin this Fall, 2018.

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