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BGU 2016: 3 Inspiring Stories of God Calling Future Missionaries


Written by Mayra Palomino

A new school year begins and with the largest class of freshmen yet joining us for Fall 2016, new stories join the collage of how God continues to lead aspiring missionaries to our small, but quickly growing missions school in Bloomington, MN.

Throughout Orientation Week, God blessed me with the opportunity to hear the stories of our new community members, and it is incredible to hear the journeys that different believers find themselves in.

1. Defender of Nations

” I was chasing the dream of becoming a Navy pilot, but as I continued to pursue this personal goal, I realized, I hadn’t been asking God what it was He wanted me to do. I began to ask the question, “God, what is it that you want me to do?”and as I asked that, the Lord began to move in my heart. He started showing me His heart for Muslims, making me want to seek to share Christ with them. At first it was just through playing soccer with Muslim friends, and then, the wake-up call for the need in the nations came through “The Joshua Project,” which opened my eyes to  the realization of the multitudes of individuals worldwide who have no one to tell them about the good news of what Christ has done for them. —Joshua, BGU Freshman.

2. Journey of a Leader

“I wanted to spend time abroad years ago, I had a dream to come to the States. I had found internships in the past, but my parents had not allowed it, or doors kept closing, to them. Problems kept showing up…international student troubles, visa problems. My heart was burning for worship, and one day, I googled, “school for worship” and found the LEAD internship. At first, I had problems trying to find the visa type, because of the type of internship…it did not apply to a student or work visa type…but even when I had received a visitor visa, I was worried of being sent back home when I tried to cross the border because of the unique circumstances. It was difficult crossing, I had a tough interview, they wanted to know what type of work I would be doing ,but I could not let them know, as I did not know which Practical Training assignment I would be given yet, so I began to tell them every little thing about the LEAD program. It did not seem like the officer was believing what I was saying, so it seemed like God stepped in when he finally stamped my visa and let me go on. LEAD has shown me the importance of learning more about leadership and strengthening my relationship with God in the role of becoming a worship leader.” —Marcel, LEAD Internship.

3. Guided by a Vision

“Since a young age, I remember a vision of Jesus. A vision that would fill me with happiness and joy in a way nothing else could. In the vision, Jesus would show me His power, and tell me that I was His son and belonged to Him. Growing up in Somalia, kids would make fun of what I had seen. In 2014, I had come to the USA. At this time, Revive Twin Cities was going on. A team from the outreach prayed for me, and as they prayed, the vision from my childhood returned. I was invited to Revive Twin Cities and given a Bible. I could feel the love and compassion found in His people. More and more joy kept filling my heart as they taught me more about Him. As I started to read the Bible, and learn more, I began to ask, “What can I do, Lord?” One day I found BGU on the Internet. I prayed and asked others for prayer about this school, and God led me here.” —BGU Freshman.

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