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New Name, New Logo, Same Mission


Written by Dan Sanchez

Bethany College of Missions is now Bethany Global University! To make the change known we have slowly been updating our website, signs, brochures, and social media profiles with our new name. We also issued a press release to help spread the word: “When Bethany College of Missions was founded in 1948, as a ministry of Bethany International (Bethany Fellowship), worldwide missionary work looked much different from what it does today. Modern technology and communication tools offer both opportunities and new challenges for men and women desiring to participate in the Great Commission. The challenges and contexts of serving in other countries have also intensified. By expanding its educational programs and global reach, the newly re-named Bethany Global University is meeting the needs of modern-day missionaries.” Continue reading the press release » We are also introducing a new logo to reflect the new name. New Logo for Bethany Global University

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