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Normal: the Disguise of the Enemy


Written by BGU

picture-051What does the word normal mean? When someone says that such and such is normal, what exactly do they use to determine the normal from the abnormal? Think about it, what qualifies as normal in today’s culture? Is it not simply the things that everyone else is doing? When people say that something is normal, all they’re really saying is that everyone else is doing it. When people use the term normal-life, they refer to the life that everyone else is living. Colby Dill, a student here at BCOM, has just recently written about the second Transformers  movie. He wrote it as a note on facebook and has received several comments from many different people.  With his permission I’ve included his note to bring to your attention the tactic of the enemy. We look at what everyone else approves of and call it normal. Through this, the enemy tricks us to laugh at what shouldn’t be laughed at and to remain silent over things that we should speak up about. Everyone else is doing it. Yes, but does that make it right? Romans 12:1,2

Okay, I’m pretty sure everybody either saw or read reviews on the latest block buster hit, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now, if you’re like me, a normal young adult, who loves action and movie graphics, the new hit is a very exciting thing. The only problem is the fact that I am a normal Christian young adult who wants to be careful about what he puts in front of his eyes. When the opening of Transformers 2 finally came along, I was thrilled. But then I went to, just to make sure it was okay. What I found was not very pleasant to my eyes. They rate the content (sexual/nudity, language, and violence/gore) from a scale of 1-10. They gave the movie a 6 in sexual/nudity!!! This is supposed to be a kids’ movie, for goodness sake!!! What has this world come to that we would take a beautiful woman, put her in a supposed-to-be kids’ movie, and make her wear as few clothes as possible!?!? Now I’m not meaning to bash on Megan Fox, but it’s not right! I have a younger nephew who LOVES Transformers, but won’t be able to see it because of the sexual content that is allowed in the movie. Not only is it bad enough for Megan Fox to be showing off her stuff, but apparently, there is another young woman who straddles Shia Labouf and then proceeds to bend over and show her assets! What is this! Have we as Christians softened our morals that this movie is okay? Fathers and Mothers, please reconsider alllowing your little ones to go watch this movie. Fathers, think about your sons’ eyes. Think about what he is putting into his spirit. Yes, it’s an action movie, but is it worth risking your children to fall into a lifestyle of sexual lust? And yes, I am saying that this movie COULD be the beginning of a bondage of lust for a young man, AND even a young woman. Young men and women, do not compromise your morals when it comes to what you put in front of your eyes. Resist the temptation to go and pleasure yourself with entertainment. Now, I’m not saying that watching movies is bad. I like watching movies, but I am saying we have to be very careful. This movie has just really stirred my spirit to be very diligent on what I put before my eyes. It has made me want to be more aware of the movies that I watch. I’m not saying I’m perfect; I’m far from it. All I am doing is calling us to holiness. So……..Moms and Dads, fight for your child’s eyes. Young adults, fight for your eyes. I want to make clear that I am not putting down Megan Fox or the other lady, all I am saying is that because of the choice they made to present themselves the way they did on screen, it is not right. Shame on Michael Bay for allowing this to be shown for what’s supposed to be a kids’ movie. One other thing, I did not see the movie. I received all my information from, people who went and saw it, and movie reviews. This is just my personal opinion. Everybody who reads this note, please be sure to read my second note. It might be able to explain some other things I was trying to show here. Thank you.

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