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NOT a Volunteer!


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When we said yes to Christ, we made a promise that we would follow Him for life. Yet we think that we do not have to be obedient to what He tells us to do. Too much of the time, we view living a holy Christian life as something we volunteered for. A volunteer is someone who can pretty much back out of something they said they would do. We did not volunteer; we made a commitment. Someone once said, “We are not volunteers. We are fully obedient disciples [and wholly] surrendered [to Christ].” “…let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no…” ~James 5:12b God keeps His promises; in doing so, He asks us to do the same. He does not want wishy-washy, lukewarm people. Because of our acceptance of His invitation, He desires for us to burn for Him and only Him. God’s Word is always true, and He always remains faithful. When we commit ourselves to Christ to be formed into His image, we are asking Him to live His life inside of us. Because of this calling, we are called to live out the same faithfulness and obedience that Jesus portrayed….even unto death. This is a journey, but we have a glorious reward.

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