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Following Him Regardless


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istock_000000462901xsmallHe’s doing it because he loves God, because there is something leading him in this direction. He’s doing it because, in his mind, obedience outweighs any size check casually tossed in the offering plate, no matter the amount.

Ever since he felt this tug by the Holy Spirit, looking in the mirror has propelled him into deep thought, staring down the young man in the reflection.

Roaring down the icy highway, the headlights on the bus pierced the chilling sleet and rain. Early morning darkness, the crispness of the air, the sun had yet to rise over the flat horizon to the left of the charter bus. Seldom would the bus pass anyone else on the road. It seemed that they were making way across a sea of frost covered emptiness, but inside the bus was the warmth of its passengers.

The young man sat staring at the darkness outside the window. His bag sat on the seat next to him, his coat zipped up, his mind playing over and over again the conversations that happened in the last few weeks.

“Why go Eric? You’re not getting anything out of this.” one said to him bluntly.

“It’s nice to think of such things, but you really must be responsible.” another said in a jabbing manner from across the dinner table. The words cut like a knife, but he knew such comments were coming, and the only thing he knew to do in response was nod and finish his meatloaf. He had faced many responses such as these from his friends when he told them he was going into ministry. Not the lucrative ministry that his fellow church members were involved in, no, he was traveling to the middle of nowhere to work in a ministry for mentally retarded adults. No pay was involved, only the promise of a place to sleep, and the assurance that he would be stretched beyond his limits.

He knows what his friends are doing: education, college, career, money, security. But Eric also knew why he was doing what he was doing.

“Feelings can be deceiving Eric,” he remembered a friend saying while getting ready to putt. “You may feel some inkling now, but that will change.” The ball sunk into the hole. “Are you sure this is
God’s voice?”


The moment the bus started rolling away he knew that there was no turning back, regardless of whether this was God’s voice or not. He was being as obedient as he knew how, and he hoped, he prayed, that God would guide him through this experience.

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