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BIG NEWS: BGU is Now Accredited!


Written by Dan Sanchez

Students at BGU now receive an accredited education while they do missions work overseas. Bethany Global University announced recently that it was awarded accreditation through The Association for Biblical Higher Education. Partnered with BGU’s tuition-paid program, students who intend to serve on the mission field can now earn a college degree that maintains high educational standards, and they can do so at a fraction of the cost of a typical four-year university.
“BGU is the only school of its kind,” said Paul Hartford, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “We are now one of the only accredited schools that is solely focused on missionary training. The university’s mission is to ‘extend God’s kingdom to where it is not’ – to take the Church to where it is not. Our precision-focus on missionary training means we will not offer other degrees, programs, or certificates that do not fit this goal.”
BGU has taken an innovative approach to training missionaries through an immersive 16-month Global Internship that allows students to study missions while being missionaries. Through the recent accreditation, the ABHE has affirmed this experiential immersive educational model.
“BGU has been preparing missionaries for nearly 70 years. The process has always been non-traditional,” said Paul Hartford. “Educational philosophies have changed so dramatically that non-traditional schools like BGU are leading the way in experiential, immersive, and cross-cultural models of education.”
BGU’s tuition-paid model, missions focus, work program, and Global Internship program make BGU stand out for innovative higher education.
“Since its founding, BGU set out to train and send missionaries with excellence,” said David Hasz, Executive Vice President. “That is why the leadership felt like our non-traditional approach was the most effective method of equipping those called to reach the lost overseas. With accreditation, BGU’s program is strengthened with the increased accountability, counsel, and peer support from other ABHE schools.”
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