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Our Human Body: I Wish I Hadn’t Said That!


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I think most of us would admit that at times we do make mistakes. And I’m sure that none of us would say that we have never erred in something we’ve said. We can all relate to the Proverb, “Whoever guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” People who have never stumbled in what they’ve said would be perfect, and in reality able to keep every other member of his or her body in check. *Pv.21:23; Ja.3:2-4*

James talks about one “member” in his epistle. This little member of the body is like a spark, in effect a fire. He calls it a “world of wickedness” (Ja.3:6a). And if left uncontrolled, its poisonous use can pollute and contaminate our whole body. James says that the tongue unrelentingly sets on fire the entire course and experiences of our life, and that Hell itself influences, feeds and ignites it. It’s a restless evil, he says, incapable of being quieted and waiting to break forth; and it’s full of deadly poison. No one is able to tame or subdue their tongue either–except by God’s grace. *Ja.3:6,8*

Our body, when it was Sin’s instrument, used to satisfy its carnal desires in various ways. But now we have the enabling of the Holy Spirit whereby we can put an end to any evil deeds of the body, including the tongue. Since we are “not under law but under grace” we can by the Spirit renounce and abstain from our body’s wrong actions, ending our relation to them, and in this way God’s Spirit can continue to lead us. After all, why would we offer any part of our body, including our tongue, for Sin to use as an instrument for unrighteousness, and why would we let Sin rule in our mortal body so that we would obey its desires, when we do not have to?! *Rom.8:13; 6:13-14*

In light of the truths Paul had written in the Book of Romans and in view of God being who He is, the apostle urges the church by the mercies and compassion that God has shown them, to now present their bodies—all their members and faculties, which includes the tongue–as a living sacrifice (alive from the dead). A dedication that is holy, well-pleasing and fully acceptable to God. Such a sacrifice is an act of reasonable service, he says, such service being logical and agreeable to God. It is also a service that we must carefully think through in a dedicated spiritual sense in light of who God is and what He has done for us. And by such a sacrifice we continually honor and glorify Him in everything we say and do. Have you given such a “living sacrifice” to Him? *Rom.12:1*

By Ed Dudek

From:: Our Human Body: I Wish I Hadn’t Said That!

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