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Outreach Testimony: University of Minnesota- Part 2


Written by BGU

Ryan Gerecke, the author of this true account, is currently serving as a Ministry Intern here at BCOM. BCOM has a weekly required outreach. Here, Ryan gives his account of one week when he was a student doing outreach at the University of Minnesota campus. This is the final edition of the three part series. Click to read Part 1 and Part 3.
Some more people got on until the bus was at maximum capacity, a mob of people standing in the aisle and every seat taken. I tried asking a couple of people how they were doing, but got a reply of, “ugh,” (whatever that means). I took it to mean “I’m on the bus to get to my next point and I don’t want to talk with anyone, instead I just want to look at the floor or the ceiling trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.” I sometimes wonder why people don’t even act human in places like this. We were made for relationships and if you would get them with one of their friends they would be a completely different person. I’m sure of it!
In fact, there were some people on the bus that had their friends next to them and they were laughing and talking with each other the entire time. Others were on there cell phone trying to look preoccupied. Many others were listening to music, canceling out the world around them. People were texting, having conversations with people they were comfortable with, instead of branching out and meeting a stranger. Others were looking out the window, or the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with any living being. I thought to myself that this is such a strange environment.
 I silently prayed for the lost, hurt, lonely, and depressed people and asked God to open up opportunities so I could share the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I had my Bible with me and thought it may be a good idea to open it up and read to see if anyone would approach me to inquire about it. For about ten minutes nothing happened. More people got off, and others on, going to who knows where. I sat down hoping someone would sit next to me and see that I was reading the Bible and ask about it. A man did sit down next to me, but he had ear buds in his ears listening to something more important than what he wanted to hear from me. As I was reading in Matthew 7:13-14, about the narrow gate, I felt the prompting from the Lord to ask this man next to me if he is going through the narrow gate. I wrestled with God for a while about it, thinking this is ridiculous, how am I going to do that, it sounds absurd! Finally, I came to the conclusion that I had to do it or it would be disobedience to God. I tapped the man on the shoulder and he took his ear buds out of his ears. I asked him if I could ask him a question. He replied, “Sure.”I said, “Have you ever read the Scriptures?”He responded, “Ya.”I asked, “Are you going through the narrow gate?”He replied, “Ya,” I could sense a little confusion in his reply so I questioned, “Have you ever seen where it talks about the narrow gate in the Bible?”He said, “No.”Then I asked, “Well how do you know if you are going through it.”He replied, “I’m not sure, but I don’t want to talk about this right now.”As he said that last line he put his ear buds back in and acted if I were no longer there. I knew I had done my part, I did what I felt God told me to do. I started to pray that either he would take his ear buds out and ask me that he changed his mind and he does want to talk about it, or that this question would ring in his head the entire night and he would search the Scriptures himself.That night, God revealed something to me I had never thought about before…..To be continued…

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