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Practical Training: Work as Worship


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The schedule of a BCOM student is usually as follows: 7-8am breakfast, 8am-12pm class/chapel, 12-1pm lunch, 1-5pm practical training, 5-6pm dinner. “But Jarred,” you might ask, “what is practical training?” Well I’m glad you asked that! Let me tell you.

Each BCOM student is fitted with a PT (Practical Training) position during their school year. A PT position could involve working in the kitchen, mowing the lawns, working in graphic design, doing photography, making phone calls, driving a fork lift, cleaning carpets, or a plethora of other duties around campus. This four hour stint is incredibly important in the Bethany experience. Not only does it tightly knit the students into the BCOM family, giving us a great sense of community as it builds team work and responsibility, but it also gives the student the opportunity to understand this very true saying: work as worship.

It is my experience that pt is a great tester of responsibility, honor, and integrity. We as believers are called to work as unto the Lord with all our heart. This passage can be directly applied to whatever your PT is as a student. If you are on the cleaning crew then you are to clean with all of your heart as unto the Lord, just as you are to mow with all of your heart, blog with all of your heart, paint with all of your heart, etc.

Recently the Lord has taught me that worshiping God is entirely dependent on the human heart. So for as long as your heart is wanting to please the Lord and make the Lord happy, you happen to be worshiping in that moment! If you want to make the Lord happy as you trim the bushes or change light bulbs then the Holy Spirit will be quick to tell you how to please the Lord in your current situation. Listening to the Spirit will lead you into worshiping God in that very job you are doing. Some things that you may hear from Him are “work with all of your might, do everything without complaining, honor others above yourself, take joy in serving, work as unto me.”

That is how we stand out in the crowd as believers. While the rest of the world separates work from worship, we worship in our work. And it doesn’t involve listening to music or lifting your hands, it comes through lifting your heart to the Lord and asking, “Lord, how can I please you in this situation?” That is worship.

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