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Bethany Global University’s students get their tuition paid in full

Missions-focused university now offering Tuition-Paid Waiver for undergraduate degrees

MINNEAPOLIS, March 10, 2015Students who want to get a college degree and serve the Lord in cross-cultural settings around the world now have a unique opportunity to go to school without paying for tuition.

Bethany Global University (BGU) has been approved for federal Title IV funding, which combined with tuition waivers to undergraduate students living on campus, makes it possible to obtain a degree for without paying for tuition.

“We desired to lower the cost of college for individuals who desire to serve the Lord in mission and ministry,” said Dan Brokke, President of Bethany Global University. “Nationally, the cost of getting a degree has gone up 1,200% over the last 40 years. Our graduates serve overseas among the poor, marginalized, and those who have never heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Others dedicate themselves to the ministry of using business for sending and supporting. So, we wanted to empower a new generation of missionaries to impact their world without the burden of debt.”

The federal grants, in combination with the Practical Training Tuition Waiver ($3000/semester) and the BGU Tuition-Paid Waiver, completely covers the $12,000 annual tuition for nearly all undergraduate students. Title IV funding also enables families to access 529 Plan funds (tax-free college savings plans) for their school fees, room and board. It also enables students to take out government loans, if approved.

“Undergraduate American students who live on campus and qualify to submit a FAFSA application have their tuition completely paid regardless of their accolades, grades, SAT scores, or financial disposition,” said Dan Brokke.

Students taking masters level courses, international students, and students who live off of campus do not qualify for the $0 tuition.

If a student’s tuition costs are not fully covered by the Practical Training Tuition Waiver and federal grants, BGU waives the remaining tuition balance to cover the rest of the tuition, no matter how much it is. Students are still required to cover room, board, and required annual fees (about $8,000 total each year), but may use student loans through Title IV funds to cover all or part of these costs.

Bethany Global University was founded in 1948 and operates its undergraduate programs at its campus in Bloomington, Minnesota. Bethany Global University graduates have served with 68 mission agencies in more than 80 countries. Hundreds of other alumni have served in Christian publishing, ministries and churches. Bethany offers an Associates’ degree in Intercultural Ministry, a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies (with minors in Early Childhood Education, Kingdom/Social Justice, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Business in a Mission context) and Master’s degree programs in Intercultural Education, Intercultural Studies, and Intercultural Leadership. As well, for those who already have earned an undergraduate degree, Bethany offers one-year mission certification programs: a Certificate in Bible and Mission and a Certificate in Pre-Field Preparation,

For more information on BGU’s tuition, programs, ministries and enrollment opportunities, go to www.bcom.org or call 1-800-323-3417.

Bethany Global University seeks to delight God’s heart by providing followers of Jesus Christ a biblically-grounded and interculturally-focused higher education experience in which they are transformed by the Cross, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and prepared to lead by serving and to extend God’s Kingdom to where it is not.