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Putting Into It, Taking Out of It


Written by BGU

“Going to work today” one might murmur while putting their hat and coat on. They walk out the door, get in the car and commute to the same place they go to five out of the seven days of the week. Guess what though… there is hope. Did you know that you have 168 hours available to you each week? Do you realize that a full time job (40 hrs) is only about 24% of that time? After doing the math, I was amazed at how much less time I spent in the office than I thought I did. I have news, you can learn to enjoy your job. Just recently I learned the basic truth that what you put into something is what you get out of it. Time and time again, I’ve experienced the truth that the more I put into my job, whether I was killing weeds, mowing grass, waiting on tables, making phone calls, moving boxes, making sandwiches, handing out flyers or writing blogs, the more I would get out of it. I found myself actually enjoying my work. If your full time job is something ridiculously painful, like getting punched in the face for forty hours a week, you got me there. I can’t help you. For the rest of us however, there’s hope. Think about it, it’s only 24% of your time. So get cracking and start working. You’ll find the time passing by quicker while enjoying your job.

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