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We pray and cry for a formula, for God to give us a layout of life and a how-to plan. God doesn’t want us to consult a plan, but the Planner. While we strive for our guide to be our god, God wants to be our Guide. He refuses giving us a list and desires to give us something truly, truly, truly real: Him.

The Lord wants a relationship with us not a list of things for us to do. If there was one guideline that Christ gave his disciples before departing from them, it could be summed up in John 15 as abiding. How you abide in the vine is between you and the Holy Spirit. The God of the universe wants to have an active relationship with you. He wants you to be with Him, and he knows what’s best. He can guide you if you want Him to.

Take a minute and  read John 13:31-14:14.

Reading John 13 and 14, we can imagine how nervous and fearful the disciples must have felt. The man they have been following for three years had suddenly told them that he would be leaving them. This brought about many questions from the disciples. “Lord, where are you going?”, “Lord, why can’t I follow you now?”, “Lord… how can we know the way?”. Their hearts were so beset with worry. They wanted to be with Him where he was. But he knew better. The disciples thought they knew what was best, but Christ had their best interests in mind.

You may now feel that this relationship with God is like being on a trackless map, but God knows your heart. He knows that you desire to please him, and he also knows that your heart longs for what is truly, truly, truly real: Him.

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