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Reality of the Kingdom and the Lake of Fire


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pawson Whatever you consider to be real is what you will base your life around. People work all of their life for tangible goals of the future. A young person may work a summer job for a car, a family may save up for college or retirement, and a businessman does his best to make good investments because he knows that it will effect his future. The more real, gloriously real, we understand that the Kingdom of God is going to be, the more willing we will be to give up everything we have for it. The more real, terribly real, we understand the Lake of Fire is going to be, the more willing we are to give up everything to save people from it. In regards to the Kingdom, understand that it is going to be as real as the place you are sitting in right now. You can pick things up, set things down, walk across a room in the Kingdom. Read Isaiah 60 and Revelation 21 with the understanding that the Kingdom is going to be real, very real. Watch this video and be encouraged. httpv://

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