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RIP Les Paul


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RIP Les Paul

Though I don’t have a taste for it, there is nothing wrong with rock, and I’m not one who condemns because of the kind of music a person listens to, but here is the truth: Les Paul, just like you and me, has violated the Law of God, and unless he had chosen to follow Jesus, forsaking everything he had to follow Him, he still stands deserving of Hell. This is what the Bible says, and this is what I live by. I say this with the sobering understanding that this doesn’t sit well with some in our culture who may be reading this, but the truth must be told. Don’t take me as a fuming, closed minded evangelical. I’m not angry, and I’m definitely not happy that Les Paul died, I’m telling you what the Bible says.

Some may say “He was a good man!”

But who is it that defines good after all? Who are we to say what is good and isn’t good? Every culture throughout history had this in common, with one voice the people shouted “We’re right and everyone else is wrong!” Why do we Americans think that our definition of good is the supreme definition of good? Throughout history, as soon as one culture died, another one came and said “They were wrong, but we’re the ones who are right!” and when they crumbled, another culture arose and said “The last two cultures were wrong, but we have complete understanding now. We’re right!”. This cycle has continued all throughout time. It’s called pride, and civilization reeks of it.

When I say believe in Jesus, it entails more than the belief one would have in Santa. Believing in Jesus means that you actually think he is the Son of God, and that all of his words are absolutely true. If you were in a building, and someone screamed “fire!” and you believed them, you would get out of the building as soon as possible. If you believe Jesus, and he says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” you would be careful to listen up to what he has to say. That is what belief truly is.

So there it is, the message of the Bible. There is no rest in peace for the dead, you are either going to Heaven or to Hell, and our culture, like all other cultures, cannot shape God’s opinion of who goes where.

I hope this man knew Jesus and chose to follow him, because no amount of “good” works will get any of us into Heaven. My heart goes out to his family, but this is the stance of the Bible, this is the truth.

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