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Safety and Going Out


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1094501_life_preserverBeing safe within God’s will; fearing God without being afraid.

There is safety in God’s will. We all know the story of Daniel (Daniel 6), and when he was lowered into the lions’ den. Daniel was a faithful witness and lived an obedient life. When King Darius commanded the people to worship only him and no other god or king, Daniel was not afraid. In his obedience, he knew that he was living in the will of the Father (where there is the utmost safety). Daniel was safe in the midst of the lions’ den because he was living an obedient life, pleasing to the Lord. God protected Daniel by sending an angel to shut the mouths of the lions. The fact that Daniel was unharmed was a great testimony to the king. King Darius was so moved by the miracle of Daniel’s safety, he brought the men who had accused Daniel to be lowered into the den of the lions. Daniel had no fear because he trusted the Lord and leaned on His faithfulness and grace. When we begin to lean fully on God in trust, our eyes are no longer under the illusion that we are not safe, but that God will always protect us because He is always with us. And if we are living obediently, He will never put us to shame, but will rescue us from any “lions’ den”.

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