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Sex, Sports, and God: The Journey of a Young Christian Man (Part 1)


Written by BGU

451055_football_american_textureWritten by Colby Dill (Normal: the disguise of the enemy), this post is a look into the life of a man who heart contends for sincerity and passionate living. He stands for truth in the midst of our society where image is everything.
As you were searching through the blogs and looking at what might have looked “interesting”, you came across this title. Now, to some this might be offensive, to others this might be very interesting. This is about God’s glory in the times when we want to keep things in the dark. As humans, we fail to understand the meaning of being a believer. If you go back to the greek text, believer actually means to obey. So when people say that they believe in God they are really just saying that they know of God. That was my life. I was born into a Christian home, I knew the “do’s-and-dont’s”. I knew had to put a smile on my face on Sunday mornings so that people would think my life was perfect. But there was a little secret about my life…I was two-faced. Behind closed doors I took advantage of women, and football was my Lord, not God. People from church would confront me about certain things, but I would just blow them off. I was a two-faced hypocrite. I admit it. Why? Because I had no idea who I was, and especially who God was. My life has consisted on two important factors: identity and authority. You might ask, what does authority have anything to do with subject at hand? Well, it is a very key factor in what I have to say, but I will get to the reasons why later on down the road. When it came to identity I had no clue who I was in God’s eyes, in man’s eyes, and even my own eyes. I had a buddy tell me one time that when he would wake up in the mornings to go brush his teeth he wouldn’t look himself in the mirror because he thought he was the ugliest thing around. Funny thing is this guy was probably looked at as the most good-looking guy at school, and he was friends with everybody. Not only that, but he was a star swimmer at his high school. Look at what satan has done when it comes to identity. He has destroyed what God created to be beautiful. Satan has twisted the idea of beauty. I remember looking at myself and hating the way I looked and trying to figure out how to make myself look better. I would buy expensive clothes, get the best cologne, and even went to the extent of taking muscle supplements just so I could get fit. I had no identity. And because I had no identity it started a road of despair and sinfulness that nearly killed me. I will start from here again in my next blog.

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