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Sex, Sports, and God: The Journey of a Young Christian Man (Part 2)


Written by BGU

jarreds-camera-022This testimony  has been given by Colby Dill. To hear more details of the story of his life, see part one of this post. This is posted so that you who believe may be encouraged, and you who don’t believe may come to believe in the One who transforms lives: Jesus Christ.
I wanted to give a brief history of my up bringing in this next part of my blogging. I was born in a Christian home, raised by two godly parents. My mother was a juvenile probation officer, and my dad was a pentecostal preacher. I was very well protected. I went to Sunday school like every young preacher kid did, and I also behaved like a every young preacher kid did as well. I was arrogant and stubborn. “You”re just like you father!” my mother used to say. I had a strong will and I was a very opinionated child. If I didn’t like something, my parents would hear about it. Now don’t get the idea that my parents were slack on raising me up. My father was a southern man. He had the grip of gorilla and strength of bull. He would “whoop” my hide every day! He took literally the scripture that said,”spare the rod spare the child”. My father didn’t spare the rod or the belt or the clothes hanger or the water hose or even every branch or switch on our tree outside! I still don’t have a backside because of my father, he beat it off! And I would never ask him to do it any other way. My parents were good to me, but as I got older I became more “sneaky”. I knew how to get around the rules of the house. There were several secrets that my parents didn’t know about. Not only was I convicted that i was keeping things from my parents, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. But because I didn’t know the Word of God or who God was for that matter, i did not know the things I was doing. And what I mean by that is I was so deceived that I thought I was fine and I was not in sin. Scripture tells us that when we have deliberately sinned and made that a life style God will give us over to a reprobate mind. This means that when we have been living in sin we begin to justify why we do it and it becomes okay in our minds. We start making a solidified decision that we are doing right when we are actually doing wrong. That is how I lived my life. There were times when I did things that I knew was wrong, but because I kept doing them I begin to justify them in my mind. When I was 13 I began exploring the world of women. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into, but because I had always been picked on at school I wanted somebody that would love me for who I was. Apparently I wasn’t that bad looking, even though I thought I was, because girls started taking interest. What i thought was just friendship turned to be more than that. I began realizing how good it felt to be physically touched, and so began the sexual immorality that controlled my life. And it all began with a simple,”its not that big of a deal”. Read part 3

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