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Sorry Jesus but I Quit!


Written by BGU

Have you ever felt like quitting your pursuit of knowing Jesus? Have you ever wanted to take a break from God and the path he is leading you to walk? Have you wanted to just stop being the light of the world or the salt of the earth?

Our reasons for wanting to say, “Sorry Jesus but I quit!” vary greatly, and so the appropriate response to deal with present frustrations probably vary as well. I’m not going to begin listing responses to frustrations, that would be just silly, but I will give you the most basic thing I know of God:

He looks at the heart.

It doesn’t matter whether you just got done cursing God out in prayer or singing a worship song to him. What he’s really concerned with is what your heart says. Even if the only word you can muster is a little “yes” to God, even if it’s the weakest yes you feel you’ve ever conjured, that yes is enough for him to continue leading you and guiding you. The frugality of God is incredible, he goes such a long way with our little mustard seed of willingness. You may feel like quitting, but take the moment to be silent, look deep into your heart, and ask yourself “am I still willing to have God in my life?”

Hold on to that mustard seed. It may not seem like much, but it’s more than you know.

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