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Stress = life, but it Doesn’t Have to


Written by BGU

919979_stressIt would be safe for me to submit that most people, if not everyone, has stress in their lives. I do, and there’s no need for me to expound on what stress is like. All of us know how it feels. Fortunately, I have found what seems to be the cure to about 90% of the stress people have.

Let me be honest and say that I have always lived comfortably. I cannot relate to readers who have had traumatic family experiences involving death, divorce, or fighting. The only heartbreaking moment in my life that comes to mind is being 11 and watching my great grandfather, whom I loved, die of cancer. I understand that family problems produce stress, and for those of you who have rough home lives, I can’t relate. I will however say that the first roman numeral applies to all people of all situations, regardless of whether your home is surrounded by a white picket fence or a vandalized brick wall.

I. Optimism is key. Our culture seems to worship gloom and despair. When someone paints how grim and negative situations are, they often cover themselves with “I’m just stating the facts!” Realize though that there have been many before us who have come out of difficult situations and have risen above the dark storm clouds. Though David faced one problem after another, he still rose to become king over Israel, and that guy talked a lot about thanksgiving, not complaining… I’m just stating the facts.

Life is like dancing with a professional boxer, learn to roll with the punches and you’ll have a ball.

II. Get a planner. My mind acts like a magnifying glass. My problems seem so big in my mind until I write them down. Once they are written down the solution is as simple as doing A, then B, then C, etc.

Keep a to-do list. Without order in the things you want to do you’ll find that a lot of your energy is expended on simply trying to remembering things. In the end you’ll feel burned even though you haven’t done anything (I figured this out the hard way).

If you still find yourself stressed out, than perhaps you should take the matter up with the Holy Spirit and ask him about it.  I’ve intentionally tied complaining with stress, because perhaps they feed off one another. Take a few minutes out of your day and listen carefully to God. Be tender hearted enough to change in the areas he may tell you about.

Life is not to be stressed through. There are plenty of reasons to complain, but to complain is definitely not a reason to live.

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