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The Beginning of the Harvest


Written by BGU

His heart pounded as  he walked swiftly, but carefully, on the icy, snow-laden streets. His mind was swirling, but set firmly on the night ahead. As the bus station came into view, his heart began to pulsate harder with excitement. Tonight, Jaden was more than excited to see people come to Christ on the streets. As he entered the bus station, the warmth hit his chilled body. After stomping his feet to warm up, he then scoped out the view. A homeless man huddled in the corner. A woman yelling angrily into her cellphone. A couple sitting dejectedly on a bench. “Yep,” Jaden thought to himself, “these people need Jesus! Let’s go talk to that lady.” Jaden walked up to the lady. “Hey there! How are you doing? I saw that you’ve been having some trouble. Would you like to talk or pray about it? Jesus does love you and He wants to help you through this.” “I don’t need no prayer,” she huffed. “I want everything to stay the way it is.” As Jaden turned to walk away, the lady’s features softened as she mumured, “Thank you though.” After the abrupt cut off from the woman, Jaden apprehensively stepped towards the homeless man. “Hi there!” Jaden said smiling. The homeless man paid no attention to the greeting. “It’s pretty cold out there. Do you need a meal or anything?” “Yeah! I haven’t eaten in two days,” the man said softly. “Well come on. I’ll buy you something to eat.” Jaden took him down to a local fast food restaurant. As the man ate, Jaden tried to explain the Gospel to him. The man never replied to the questions or commented on what Jaden was saying. After the man finished eating, he told Jaden that he understood where he was coming from, then bid Jaden a good night….leaving Jaden sitting alone at the table. As Jaden trudged back to the bus stop from the restaurant to meet up with his ministry team, he dejectedly thought to himself, “I was so sure that someone would get saved tonight. Why didn’t they?” It was in that instant that God spoke, saying, “I am the one who moves upon people’s hearts and draws them to my heart. I designate different people to come into their lives to break up the ground in their heart, plant seeds, or water the ground, but I give the increase.” “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” -1 Corinthians 3:6, 7

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