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The Bible: A Multifaceted Read


Written by BGU

We at BCOM happen to love the Bible. It is our joy to continue to share with you tidbits and advices on how you can read this book of all books and take it from your mind to your heart. It is important to know that there is no cookie cutter method to Bible study. The Lord may lead you to study your Bible one way for a while and then a whole new way the following year(s). You may need to change your approach to reading the Bible. Though the Bible will always be the truth of God and his interaction with man throughout history, your approach to reading the scriptures may change from season to season. Sometimes you may need to read the Bible as you would read…
  • a history book
  • an eye-witness account
  • a laboratory notebook
  • a journal
  • a field manual
  • a letter
  • a compelling novel
The Bible is most certainly all of these things, but pick one and consider viewing the scriptures from that perspective for a time. One would read a field manual differently than they would a letter, or a laboratory notebook differently than they would a novel. In this way the Bible is a multifaceted read, one that is able to teach people from all different walks of life. Praise the Lord for this literacy we have!

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