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The Blessing of Loneliness


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Deep and meaningful relationships are longed for in each of our lives. We each have a hole inside of us until we fill it with the only One that can fill it- Jesus Christ. To cultivate a deep relationship and to know someone personally, we must spend time with them. Many times we have to take a break to sit back and actually listen to this person- alone. Because we long for relationship, many times we try to find it in people. Whereas the only relationship that stands above the rest is our relationship with God. Sometimes other relationships are like thunder claps all around making us turn every which way trying to find where God is and where He’s coming from. That place of aloneness with Him causes us to sit back and just have everything else silent. We hear God most in the quiet. God is personal and longs for relationship with us. In many cases, for us to truly experience what He wants for us, we must stop and go to be alone, wherever that private place might be. Jesus constantly went to be alone with His Father. Before He started His earthly ministry, He went into the wilderness. (Luke 4:1-14) Afterwards, after resisting Satan, He came out of the wilderness “in the power of the Spirit” (Luke 4:14). Before He went to go speak to crowds, He seemed to always be found praying (Mark 1:35; Luke 4:42; Luke 6:12). Even before His death He went to go pray (Mark 14:32-34). As we see from Jesus’ example, falling on our face before God in that place of loneliness causes us to be strengthened, refreshed, and renewed by God’s Holy Spirit, because all it is is you and Him. These moments alone are treasured moments. If Jesus treasured these moments alone so much, how much more should we follow His example? A tip for getting away from distractions: Turn off the TV, cell phone, laptop, etc. for an entire day and just spend time with God.* *Idea is from Charlotte Calderwood, current BCOM student.

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