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The Merry-Go-Round of Evil


Written by BGU

Throughout human history, mankind has sought to solve the problem of evil. Though evil is perceived differently from nation to nation, there has always been a feeling of wrong in the world. Many, in fact everyone, has posited what they think the solution looks like. But there is only one solution, and that is Jesus. A belief in and a surrender to the truth of Jesus Christ is the only way humanity will be remedied. Take a look at your Bible for a second and consider the fact that you hold the key to the salvation of the human race. It explains where evil came from and what the cure is.

Still, people have alternative opinions…

“I blame the schools for the gangs in our towns.” “Gun laws! They don’t have the gun laws to stop these people!” “Parents need to be firmer with their children. Really, if they don’t get that discipline when they’re young, they’ll take advantage of society.” “Parents need to stop imposing rules on their kids. It’s driving the children away from their parents and putting them in the wrong crowd.” “It’s overpopulation!” “It’s anti-homosexuality!” “It’s big government!” “It’s businesses for crying out loud! They’re devouring the mom&pop shops!” “It’s all that junk food!” “It’s television!” “It’s a lack of education!” “It’s a lack of religion!” “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Round and round goes the merry-go-round. Every generation seems to think that they’re the first ones to “find” the “solution” to all of man’s problems. Little do they realize though that the previous generations thought they had the answer too, only to find out that free love, anarchy, veganism, small government, segregation, forced church attendance and so on yielded no betterment of society. Mankind is intrinsically evil; it’s not an external factor but an internal nature. Though the Bible plainly says it, the best source to point at in conversation would be human history itself and the long list of man’s failed attempts to redeem society.

All nations are attempting to solve their problems but are getting nowhere. The progress of technology and information has soared upward as the ages have passed, but the human heart, which is the crux of society, has continued its downward spiral ever since the Fall. That is why we go to the nations: there is no answer aside from Jesus. And until the nations come to realize this, they will continue treading the merry-go-round of evil.

Finally, consider the people who have been changed by Jesus: drunkards, addicts, drug dealers, thieves, killers, psychos, basket cases, racists, terrorists, cheaters, bums, the list could go on. If you hang around sincere Christianity, mere Christianity, for long enough, you will see that people of all kinds have been changed by the power of this man they call the Messiah. Aside from the more popular stories of C.S. Lewis and others who have come to know God in the past, consider the ‘normal’ and not so famous people. Reading Shetler’s book Can We Know puts into words the truth that those who sincerely have a relationship with Jesus will always have a story as to how it happened. Go out, ask people to tell you their story, and you will be amazed at the change in their life.

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