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Twitter is a social network gaining momentum over the web. It was launched on January 15th of 2006 and since then has grown to 190 million users. Included in the cloud of users are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they are sharing Jesus with everyone they tweet… I mean, meet.

When you have the life-giving “thing” of Jesus, you cannot help but share him any way available to you, including twitter. If you use twitter, you’ll understand this post. If you don’t use twitter, you’ll probably be in the dark. Sorry. 🙁

Imagine this, you are the pastor of a cyber church on twitter.

-Your sermon is concisely limited to 140 characters.

-Your followers and those you follow make up your congregation.

-Your direct messages make up your one-on-one pastoral ministry.

-And your favorites reflect your ideals.

This is an interesting perspective behind twitter; the point of it is this: be mindful of what you tweet. Before you tweet something, ask yourself if it will be the source of your criticism by unbelievers. The last thing you want to see on your mention list is, “Hey! I thought you were a Christian! What’s this?”

With the progress of technology, we see the doors to different parts of the world flinging wide open, enabling more people to hear the gospel through cyber-witnessing. Remember that you represent Jesus; you are a twitter bird carrying a mustard seed in your beak. So get out there and keep tweeting for Him!

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